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Free Read/Write NTFS on Mac OS

By Nestor Mata Cuthbert

Since I’m running Mac OS X on my HP laptop, I was running into the problem of how to read/write to my Windows NTFS partitions.

I knew there are some paid products and I start to look for them, then I realize that there is a free and good option to achieve this.
Amit Singh, a developer from Google created a Mac OS version of FUSE (File System in User Space).
MacFuse is an open source project that enables Mac OS X to mount ssh, ntfs and so on.
MacFuse by default is only able to read NTFS, but there is another project that uses MacFuse to write to this file system, this project is NTFS-3G.
NTFS-3G will also install MacFuse, so all you need to do is install NTFS-3G and you will be able to read and write to NTFS disk and partitions from your Mac OS.

Updated: MacFuse is no longer being developed and is not supported in the last versions of MacOS, instead of using MacFuse you can now use it’s successor Fuse for OS X which is based on the code from MacFuse but is supported and it works with the last versions of OS X like Lion.


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