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See What I Mean By Kevin Cheng, Rosenfeld Media

By Nestor Mata Cuthbert

See What I Mean

How To Use Comics to Communicate Ideas

This book is a clear guide to help you mock up your ideas and concepts for better reaching to your colleagues or clients. You don’t need to be a caricaturist to use drawing as a tool to explain what you really mean.

In this book the author guides you to a process of understanding the concepts of cartoon and how to apply this concepts in your advantage.

The book is not intended to make the next Stan Lee out of you (although will not limit you), but instead to loose your fear to the pencil and help you use drawings as a way to put down your ideas and more easily share or discuss these ones.
“A picture says more than a thousand words” and once you start reading you will start seeing how this is so true.

In the first part of the book you will be gracefully guided through the drawing process, enough to what you will need.
Then you will be introduced into the concepts of timing and environment and many other concepts of comics that will enable you to actually tell a full story in a very few frames.
Later you will be explained how to plan story and to focus on what will impact and actually tell what needs to be told.
Getting to the end of the book you will put things together and polish what you have being learning.

When you finish the book you will probably won’t be able to just quick your job and get hired in DC Comics, but you will be enough prepared to tell your ideas or stories in a whole new way, using more visual and therefore more appealing way to reach your audience, adding a new tool to your toolbox.

You can get the book here


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